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Features Comparison

Subscribe in eWeLink APP supported, see “How to join eWeLink camera plan

Compatible with​

SONOFF – GK-200MP2-B(Cloud version)

Key Features

Missed moments 

kept in the cloud 

With the video recording stored in the cloud for 30 days, find and review the missed events anytime and anywhere.

Customized event recording

More accurate than ever

Event recording when the sensor’s status changes and notifies you right away of what matters most.

Live streaming on

eWeLink App, Alexa Echo Show, 

Google Nest Hub, eWeLink Web* 

eWeLink advanced plan required


  1. Download and install the eWeLink App, create an eWeLink account, and log in
  2. Add the SONOFF CAM Slim to your eWeLink account
  3. Tap or click the “Service” icon on the camera control page
  4. Follow the in-app instructions to select and subscribe to your favorite plan

Please note the eWeLink Camera Plan is only available to the SONOFF CAM Slim and GK-200MP2-B(Cloud Storage) camera. Features of the camera plan depend on hardware capabilities, and currently the two models above supported.

After you subscribe to the plan, a 30-day free trial is automatically activated on your account. You won’t get charged until the free trial ends. If you cancel the subscription before the free trial end date, you won’t lose any free trial days. Also, you won’t be charged after the free trial ends.

Yes, as long as you purchase a new Sonoff camera and subscribe to the Camera Plan, you get a 30-day free trial.

In terms of features, both plans share the same features. When it comes to pricing, the annual plan is more cost-effective. You pay $34.99 and get 13 months of plan benefits, which equals $2.69 per month.

No, the eWeLink Camera Plan subscription cannot be gifted. It works only when your family or friend logs in to your account and set up the same camera in their house.

No, since the plan is for a single camera only, your subscription is locked to one camera.

The event video length varies from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. If the detected movements or events last longer than 5 minutes, it will trigger another video recording.

No, it will trigger video recording only when the camera detects movements or the sensor’s status changes. Only the recorded videos will be stored in the cloud for 30 days.

All recorded videos will be stored for 30 days. There is no cloud storage space limit for subscribers.

The shared user can receive motion detection notifications and view the video history.

No, we won’t delete all of your videos right away, but the earliest videos will be deleted as time goes.

Let’s say your subscription starts from March 1st to March 31st, however, you decide to cancel the camera plan on March 20th. After the cancellation, you still can view all recorded videos during March. However, from April 1st on, you can view videos from March 2nd to March 31st, and on April 2nd, you can only view videos stored from March 3rd to March 31st.

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