eWeLink Works with Amazon Alexa

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1.Download and install Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo App on your phone.
2.Sign up an Alexa account and connect it with your Echo speaker.

Add "eWeLink Smart Home" skill

1. Tap Menu button (three lines) on the topleft of Alexa app.

2. Select “Skills & Game” from the menu.

3. Enter “eWeLink Smart Home” in the search bar and tap on it.

4. Tap “SETTINGS”.

5. Select your country/region, enter your eWeLink account and password, then tap “Log In”.

6. Tap “Done” to close the page when you see “eWeLink Smart Home has been successfully linked.”.

Discover devices and change device info

1. When ‘eWeLink Smart Home’ is linked,Alexa App will prompt you whether to discover devices, tap “Discover Devices”.

2. After discovering devices, select “SET UP DEVICE” to group or rename devices.


If the above steps are not performed after linking the skill for the first time, please try to access “Devices – Add Devices – Other” to try again.
You can also find devices through the speaker, by saying “Alexa, discover my devices” to the speaker. “Alexa, discover device” or “Alexa, find device”, Echo will tell you how many devices are found after about 20s. Then you can check the device information on the Alexa App.

Ask Alexa to control eWeLink Support devices

1. Make sure the device name is in English, and don’t use any special character.
Correct names are like lamp, switch, my switch etc.
2.To control eWeLink Support device with voice command;

For exmaple: Alexa,Turn on fan.

Voice Command Instructions:
The wake word,”Alexa” is used to wake up Echo speaker. Say the wake word and you will see blue light flashing.
Continue to say ‘Turn on/off [device name]’ to turn on/off a device
“fan” is the device name.

3.Other commands for reference.

Echo supports other common commands, such as:

Alexa, turn on my device.
Alexa, turn off my device.
Alexa, turn my device on.
Alexa, turn my device off.
Alexa, put my device on.
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