eWeLink Works with Google Assistant

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1. Download the latest Google Home App on your phone;
2. Sign up and log in to your Google account and add your Google Home speaker.

Account Linking

1. Open eWeLink app and log in to your account.

2. Tap Profile

3. Tap the Google icon

4. Tap Link with Google and then the Google Home app will be opened

5. Tap Connect eWeLink Smart Home

6. Tap LINK.

7. You can control your devices in Google Home.

Control devices with Google Home speaker

1. Make sure the device name is English, and don’t use special characters or unusual signs.
Right names like Bedroom lamp, Coffee switch, my switch…
2. Control devices with Google Home speaker.

For example:Hey Google, turn on my light.

Voice Command instruction:
“Hey Google” is used to wake up Google Home speaker. “OK Google” can also activate it. When you speak to it, you will see the lights on your Google Home speaker blinking,

which means the speaker is responding.

3. Other voice commands for reference;

Google Home supports other common voice commands, such as:

Hey Google, turn on all of the lights.
Hey Google, turn off all of the lights.
Hey Google, set light to 50%.
Hey Google, turn off the bedroom light.
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