eWeLink Works with Olisto

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Connect your devices, apps and services to Olisto and make them all work together, following your rules. 


1.Download the latest Olisto App on your phone.
2.Sign up and log in your Olisto account and add your diveices.

Add "eWeLink Smart Home"

1.Open Olisto app and tap “More” button.

2.Tap Channels.

3. Roll down to find “eWeLink Smart Home” icon or search it directly.

4. Select “eWeLink Smart Home” and Add channel.

5. Then you will be requested to connect with eWeLink Home service with your eWeLink account.

6. Select your country/region, enter your eWeLink account and password. Tap “Oauth And Log In”.

Create Triggs

1.Tap “Triggs” and then “Create new trigg”.

2.Tap “+” sign and choose “eWeLink Smart Home” to select the device you want to use as condition.

3. Tap “+” sign and choose your preferred platform and the device as action. Then tap“I’m done, name it”.

4. Name this trigg, and you can also choose/create a label for this trigg.

5. Tap “Activate this trigg”.

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