How to Identify Your Devices Faster: Introduction to Display As

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In the dynamic world of smart home technology, eWeLink offers a user-friendly platform bursting with features, one truly shines: the “Display As” function. This feature transforms customization, making your smart home experience uniquely yours. Let’s explore the magic and benefits of “Display As” and how it redefines your experience with eWeLink.

What is Display As?

For novices to eWeLink, “Display As” may seem like a simple function to change the display of the device icon in the app. While that’s partially correct, it indeed does more than just that. This feature allows users to tailor the app’s interface as per their preference by assigning specific visuals and naming conventions for their connected smart devices. Moreover, the “Display As” feature has another vital role: it allows users to select the type of controls and functions that a particular device should exhibit within the app. For instance, you can set your smart plug to “Display As” a light, enabling you to switch it on or off just like a regular lamp. This introduces an element of intuitive control, making it easier for users to manage their devices according to their specific uses.

Available To

Since the release of eWeLink App V4.31, Display As is available to most WiFi single/multiple channels switches and plugs. And some multiple-channel Zigbee switches are included.

Using "Display As"

Right now, there are 20 Display As options available in eWeLink App, such as, Light, Fan, Curtain, Rice cooker, etc. To use this feature, navigate to the Device Settings page in your eWeLink app. Click on the “Display As” option and choose the relevant device type you’d like to display your current device as. Remember, your choice should ideally correspond to the appliance or function that your smart device controls.

What's Coming Up?

To further accommodate the variety and uniqueness of your home automation devices, we are extending the range of options you can select to display your devices in July. For example, Printer, Projector, Coffee machine, etc. will be added. This means you will have more options to personalize your device icons, and align them more accurately with the connected appliance or function. In addition, we’re expanding the “Display As” feature to now include Zigbee single-channel switches and plugs. Zigbee users can now enjoy the same level of customization and intuitive control, bringing a consistent user experience across all device types.

Understanding which specific devices are consuming energy, when and how much, empowers you to find savings. Group monitoring gives you the power to categorize devices as you wish and take action. You could add the same type of devices or different rooms’ devices in the same group, checking and optimizing their power consumption in one place without having to walk around. Emm, how to add a group? Still tap the ⚙️ icon in the upper right corner, and tap “Add” to create a new group for your supported devices.
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