Access to eWeLink in various ways

Always one for you

eWeLink APP 

Pairing, setting, managing all your eWeLink support devices, everything in a single APP 

eWeLink Web 

Control your smart devices anytime, anywhere on a web browser, power consumption, historical data download, and more.

eWeLink CastNEW Arrival

Set your favourite dashboard of your devices and scenes, and turn any idle tablet into the unique controller of your smart home.

eWeLink Keyboard Shortcuts

Trigger your scenes just with PC or Mac keyboard shortcuts, quietly, without distractions, and get things done quietly.

Windows and Mac OS compatible

Home Assistant Add-on 

Sync your eWeLink devices to HA, and leverage the experience with the platform.

eWeLink for Apple Watch

Smart home on your wrist, control your eWeLink devices using Apple Watch and Siri

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